State Representatives React to Republican Victory

Across the country and in the Palmetto and Peach States, the voters spoke, shaking things up. Congressman Jack Kingston described the huge republican victory, saying, "It's an earthquake politically."

Kingston and Senator Regina Thomas both know the Republican Party is now in the political driver's seat, which is a change from Georgia's usual political framework.

"We assumed this has always been a democratic state, and were okay no matter what," said Thomas, "and that's not the case."

Kingston said, "One of the great lessons yesterday, whether you're Roy Barnes or Tom Daschle, is don't overplay your hand."

Kingston points to one of Barnes' political power moves, his effort to redistrict the state. It turned out to be a drawing of the lines that may have helped ink him out.

"The campaign started with reapportionment one year ago," said Kingston. "People don't like politicians choosing the people they get a chance to vote for, and that's a lesson that the governor and many others forget."

"People are paying attention, people are looking and they are not happy and they are not pleased with what we, as democrats, have been doing," noted Thomas. "And we need to do better."

The shake up isn't over yet more changes could be ahead in Georgia's State House. Of course, as things change, we will have continuing coverage of Campaign 2002.

Reported by: Ryan Young,