Saxby Chambliss Visits Savannah

The whole nation was keeping watch on the US Senate on election day. One of the key races was right here in Georgia, democratic incumbent Senator Max Cleland against 8th District republican Congressman Saxby Chambliss. Chambliss won the election and stopped in Savannah today to say thank you.

Chambliss didn't carry Chatham County, but he did win a stunning 106 counties across the state. He believes his message is being heard loud and clear. The senator-elect is thanking the people for sending him to Washington and he's not the only one who's excited.

"I've never ever seen the President of the United States as excited as he was Tuesday night," said Chambliss.

"We are extremely happy, we worked very hard and we're glad he's in," said Chambliss supporter Louise Dodsworth.

Hard work and a grassroots campaign is what Chambliss feels helped him to grab 106 of the Peach State's 159 counties.

"I think the folks all across the state of Georgia saw an opportunity to take the good ol' boy system and put it out of the state capital," he said.

Ready to get to work, Chambliss has already been asked to join the armed services and intelligence committee once he arrives in Washington.

Chambliss outlined his plans for our area: "We are going to put more coast guard ships here in the Savannah area. We are going to put more personnel here so they can intercept before they get to the port, so that we may stop foreign agents from entering our country."

Homeland security is a top concern but Senator Chambliss says the people will still come first.

Since Chambliss didn't win over Chatham County voters, many were wondering how visible he would be in this area. Chambliss answered that question today: he says he plans to make frequent trips to the Savannah area. The Republican Party will continue its victory tour tomorrow when Governor-elect Sonny Perdue makes a stop in Savannah.

Reported by: Ryan Young,