Hometown Hero--Selina Johnson

Selina Johnson
Selina Johnson

One  group of cooking volunteers call themselves the Early Birds. They're busy making Thanksgiving dinners for the needy through the St. Thomas Episcopal Church's Unseen Guest Program. At the heart of the meals is Selina Johnson, a volunteer who's getting ready to serve her 25,000th meal.

"We get a lot food donations," she says. "We cook those when we get them. Someone says 'I'll meet you at 9pm,' I say, 'Fine.'"

The Unseen Guest program helps to feed HIV/AIDS sufferers through Project Azuka. When the program first started, Selina thought making 30 meals in a month was a lot. but now they make over 350.

"It's helping people falling through the welfare cracks," says Selina. "These people with AIDS, many are sick, can't cook. Many are too destitute to buy groceries."

Selina says it's not so much work as it is fun cooking and enjoying each other's company in the kitchen. And each meal is served with love.

"It's done from the heart," she says. "We care and pray for them."

Selina Johnson, this week's WTOC Hometown Hero.

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Reported by: Mike Cihla, mcihla@wtoc.com