A bride-to-be beaten on her wedding day

By Jaime Dailey bio | email

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) -  Beaufort Police are still searching for a burglar, who beat a bride on her wedding day. It happened early Saturday morning in Beaufort.

Rhyan Mazur and her fiance, Michael Williamson, had been out at some of the local establishments downtown with friends and family after their wedding rehearsal, but when they came back to the bed and breakfast were they were staying things went tragically wrong.

The couple was staying in a cottage at the Beaufort Inn downtown. Police say when they returned, Mazur's fiance, fell asleep on the couch in one room and Mazur went into another room to get ready for bed.

They say that's when an intruder attacked Mazur, punching her in the face several times. While there were signs of forced entry, including a broken window,  police are still trying to put the pieces together.

Right now- they're investigating every possible scenario and trying to figure out who would do this and why.

Police say around the same time this incident happened, a man staying in the Inn reported an intruder in his cottage, but the intruder said he must have gotten the wrong keys and left before anything happened.

Mazur has a broken nose and a broken cheek bone. She spent most of her wedding day in the hospital, instead of preparing for the biggest day of her life.

She wasn't able to have the wedding she and her fiance had been planning for the last year, but they did manage to get married on Saturday evening.

Mazur and her fiance live in North Carolina but were getting married in Beaufort because her family lives in the area.

The couple had to cancel their honeymoon plans because Mazur has to have reconstructive surgery on her face.

Police are still looking for whoever did this. if you have any information, call Beaufort Police or your local authorities.

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