VIDEO TEST: Vidalia Onion Festival in full swing through weekend

By Dal Cannady bio | email

VIDALIA, GA (WTOC) - It's the sweetest season of the year in Vidalia and they're celebrating.

The 32nd annual Vidalia Onion Festival is now in high gear through the weekend.

The vegetable and the festival bring people from all across the south who love our sweet onions. Many of those visitors are getting an up close look at the farms that produce the world famous onions.

Those who have lived around Vidalia onions for as long time or that buy them every season in the supermarket might take for granted what it takes to get them to your kitchen table. During the onion festival, folks can take tours on some of the farms.

Visitors get to see what it takes to bring the onions from the farm, grade them according to size and quality and package them to ship around the country and around the world.

It is part of a trend called agri-tourism where folks are coming from the big city to rural areas to see how farms do what they do and farmers couldn't be more flattered.

"It makes me smile that they're interested enough to come see what we've done all our lives and see what it takes," said R. T. Stanley, Stanley Farms. "I also know that if they're interested enough to come, they're likely to buy some of our product."

"I've always been interested in the Vidalia onions and wondered exactly what it took to get all those onions to our table," said Carolyn Douglass from Powder Springs, GA.

The tours continue through the rest of the week.

There are also a host of festival events as the Onion festival kicks it into high gear from now through Sunday.

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