Crossing Guard Function Uncertain in Train Accident

A man remains in a coma after his truck was hit by a cargo train yesterday afternoon on Dean Forest Road in Garden City. Now,  there has been some dispute over who was at fault, and it's a matter of who is telling the truth.

There's no question about it, the railroad crossing arms and lights at the scene of the accident are not working. As a train approaches, workers have to manually stop traffic to let the train through. But was that the case for Charles Allen when he drove his truck across these very tracks? His two younger brothers seem to think so.

"It was around 12, 12:35am, two trains going into Savannah, no lights, no nothing," his  brother Joe told us.

There's been a lot of speculation as to whether or not the railroad crossing arms were working properly when Allen tried to cross them. We've been told by officials that CSX has gathered information necessary to tell us that they were working properly, but they've been damaged since the accident.

Officials from CSX originally said that they had a recording device that would tell them whether or not the railroad crossing arms and warning lights were functioning when Allen crossed the tracks. Now we're hearing that wasn't true at all.

"I'm told that there is no recording data retrieved for that particular intersection, that would say one way or the other, so the investigators will have to rely on their eyewitness accounts," said Mike Wilson, spokesman for the Chatham County Police Department.

As the brothers of Charles Allen continue to search through the remains of his truck, they're more concern about their brother than they are about what caused the accident.

We've been told by Chatham County Police that CSX is in the process of putting recording devices on their railroad crossings and that there has yet to be one put at this particular track.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,