Meet the rest of the band


I'm the news production manager. 
In college I was guitarist, singer and co-songwriter for a hard rock band named Beyond Recognition. I would also occasionally play drums, bass, keyboard, harmonica, cello and anything else laying around. 
Depending on the band's needs, I'll either be playing drums or guitar.


I'm playing guitar. I'm the marketing director, responsible for station advertising, commercial production, print publications, on-air promotion, public service and some FCC-related duties.

When I was a teenager every boy played guitar (or football - nobody played both) and so I picked up a fender mustang when I was 14 and played till I got out of high school.


When there's news at 3am, I'm there. I also edit footage for all three hours of our morning shows.

In the band, I play rhythm guitar and am a back-up singer.

I am also the one responsible for the opening animations and the shooting and editing of the stories on the Making the Band.


I've been playing bass since I was 15. I'm completely self-taught. I'm originally from Pennsylvania. 


I've been singing since age 3, reading music and playing instruments since I was 8. I can play five different instruments and the guitar, which I'm playing in the band, has been my main instrument for the past several years. 
Music is and always will be my passion in life. At the station I mainly work with cameras, sound, and lights, all the things that make the newscast come to life on air.  I am excited about the opportunity to play with the guys and gals from WTOC.
I've been producing the morning news at WTOC since August of 2006. I'll be playing the bongos and the tambourine, but not at the same time of course. I have absolutely no musical training other than singing in my car where no one can hear. However, I do have experience in dance and I like to believe that contributes to my sense of rhythm. I'll be the one standing in the shadow of the great Dave Turley and his drum set. I hope to see you at the concert!