Web Resources for Traditional Crafts

There is no shortage of holiday resources online. From arts and crafts to stories of the first Thanksgiving, there are an abundance of family-oriented sites to entertain and inform. Here are just a few.

Kids Domain has been around since the infancy of the web and is a tried and trusted resource for educators, parents, and their children. You can find information on just about any holiday here, and this one is no exception. You can send a Thanksgiving eCard, find a gaggle of crafts for decorating your table, like these geese made out of crookneck squash, or the age-old hands and feet turkeys parents and kids have been making together for ages. You might even make a Tic-Tac-Turkey game for your guests to enjoy.

DLTK Kids is an award-winning site for children's crafts and games in many themes, including Thanksgiving, of course. Among many other things, the site offers interactive jigsaw puzzles in themes like autumn leaves, pumpkins, and Thanksgiving turkeys. The custom difficulty level lets you work on puzzles from six pieces to 240, so families with children of all ages should be able to get some quality holiday time around the old PC. Older players can even select unconventional puzzle piece shapes for a greater challenge.

There are also loads of resources out there for separating fact from fiction when it comes to teaching kids the history of our thankful holiday. For example, when the pilgrims and Indians feasted in 1621, they didn't call it Thanksgiving at all; it was a three-day harvest celebration brought over from England called Harvest Home. Thanksgiving didn't become an annual holiday until 1676, when it was celebrated not in November, but the 29th of June. Check out Go New England for more.

So when your family gets together this Thursday and someone fires up the computer to do a little web surfing, check out these sites to help with the family togetherness side of things.