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ROSWELL, GA (WTOC) - All week we have been sharing some tips that could very easily save your family a lot of money on just about everything you buy. We've had a lot of fun learning from our expert, Stephanie Nelson, the coupon mom.

It still just amazing how she uses common sense tips that we probably all should know. A lot of the tips she shared had me saying "Why didn't I think of that?"

Today, I have a few more questions for the coupon mom that I think can help you make the most out of her website

As we have learned, about 90 percent of the all coupons come from the Sunday grocery coupon circular, so Nelson suggests that we just put the date of the newspaper we got them from and file them away until we need them.

Don't clip the coupons until you plan to use them. Even the coupon mom admits, those circulars aren't always the easiest to understand. As she looked through one she said, "As you can see this weekly ad is pretty complicated they have a lot of different things in here. You can sit down and figure out all those things or you can let us do it. In the coupon database, I'll sort it by percentage saved and I'll click on the things that are free or practically free and then I'll go to the store and just cherry pick the best deals."

The coupon mom's team downloads all of the coupons from the Sunday newspaper into the database. You can also use it to check for specific items you need.

"For example, you can type the word toothpaste into the search box to see if a coupon ever came out for it and turns out, it did and it gives you a list of the all of the coupons that haven't expired," says Nelson.

Even though this is a national site, you can find deals for just about any major store anywhere in the country.

"Just go to the section called coupon deals by state and you'll be able to find the discounts," explained nelson. "First, you sort by percentage saved, then sort what you want. I'll get those noodles, rice, select several items I like then go to the bottom of the page, then hit display selected deals and then I have my list. I print this here I am spending 1.43 and getting 88% off. After this, it should take you 10 minutes to cut out coupons."

This sounds easy enough, but keeping up with coupons can be tough. Believe it or not, the website can still help with that too. Just check out the coupon and deal alert area.

"Let's suppose you're just not that organized you don't look at the paper every Sunday, but you definitely want to know if there is a coupon for a brand of coffee or a toothpaste. You can sign up for our alert with all the items you like and if a coupon comes out for that item or if it is on sale at one of your stores, you'll get an email from us," she said.

Remember as we showed you this week, you can also print coupons, get free samples and restaurant deals from the site.

The coupon mom says we should all check out the forum. It's a good place for us beginners to start. I know that I've probably bombarded you with so much information this week that you might be feeling a little overwhelmed.

So, before you even try to use the site, print and read the free ebooks. They'll give you everything you need to make the site a lot easier to understand.

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