Millions up for grabs

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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Millions up for grabs, and millions of people hoping they have the lucky numbers.

225 million dollars is a lot of money.and someone could be much better off tonight or will the Mega Millions jackpot roll over again? Regardless of what happens lines are long and it's all for one reason.

Just imagine 225 million dollars wouldn't that be nice?

Sure you're taking a chance, but it's nice to dream big!

"Economy is bad shouldn't be spending this money, but if I win well, hahaha," said Lavar Fairfax.

But Lavar Fairfax says a Mega Millions ticket is only a dollar is worth it for him to take the chance chance of winning millions.

Douglas Thompson made a special stop this evening on his way home from work to get his Mega Millions ticket.

What would you do with the money??

"A lot of people I would help my other, my wife's sisters and my kids and my church," said Thompson.

Helping people during these tough economic times seem to be the number one answer.

"Jobs are incredible right now, you know people are hurting and that would be best help a lot of people," said Thompson.

"Maybe put some people back to work," said Thompson.

"I would help someone out, several families if I had this money," said Melonie Bakayoko.

So, why not dream big, and dream about helping others.

The people who bought tickets tonight say they hope whoever wins needs the money and of course shares

We are still waiting on the winning numbers.

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