Cool School: Smiley Elementary

LONG COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Smiley Elementary School in the Long County School district is this week's Cool School.

When you first walk into Smiley Elementary school, its the paintings on the walls that grabs your attention.

Happy bright colors to show case the feeling throughout the entire building.

We went to several classrooms as we toured around the school.

First stop Jenny Futch's kindergarten class, where the students were sang some educational songs for us.

Jenny's been here for 11 years and loves it.

"This is my home, I live here so it's right where I live and this is my community and I want to make a difference in my community that's why I teach here," said Futch.

In every classroom - its all about the hands on learning.

From Science class where first graders are planting to third grade where the students are working on the smart boards.

"We think that kids learn best when they have their hands involved and we find it more beneficial for kids and they enjoy it more," said Teacher Erica Craven.

They sure do, we asked these students in gym class.

"We get to do fun stuff and teachers make it fun," said student Elizabeth Wingate.

"They are nice and pretty," said Wingate.

"We read books and we go to centers and that is fun," said Jefferson.

Making learning fun is the cool motto at Smiley.

"We feel it's not just paper and pencil, we like to get up and move around," said Craven.

And they do but don't think this just all about fun and games, students are learning a lot.

Smiley principal David Edwards says the teachers create lesson plans to engage the students.

"We have great group of teachers that are devoted to education at smiley, they love what they are doing, they love their kids and have great support staff and classrooms and it takes the whole faculty and staff to make it one big happy family,"said Edwards.

One big happy family at Smiley Elementary, and doesn't that make you smile.

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