Family Faces Holiday with Missing Relative

There's renewed effort to resolve a heart-rending mystery in Effingham County. Nine months ago, Allyson Romedy tucked her daughter in bed, and disappeared. Law enforcement agencies from around the state teamed up to search for Allyson, but so far, they haven't found her.

Today at the Rincon Wal-Mart, her family and friends raffled off a television set. They're trying to raise money for a reward for any information that might help them find Allyson.

The holidays are a time for family's to get together, to share fond memories and the holiday spirit. That's not the case for the family of Allyson Romedy. Ever since she disappeared last winter, the thought of spending Christmas without her is almost unbearable for them.

"Anybody that loses somebody, especially this time of year, needs help," said Greg Horner of Guyton.

"Her oldest son was killed in an automobile accident in June," said Allyson's mother, Becky Becton. "And that has compounded our loss and our misery and we're just desperate to find Allyson and bring her home."

With Christmas right around the corner, people don't have to wait to much longer to get what they want. Allyson's family has been waiting nine months to get what they want, and all they want is just some information that will help them find their daughter.

Greg Horner and several others are trying to make this holiday season better for Allyson's family by donating some money, helping to build a reward fund for any information that will help bring this woman home.

"My priority is to find Allyson more than to find the perpetrator," her mother told us. "I want her. We'll keep on trying and keep looking."

The best present the Romedys could get this holiday season would be information about their missing family member. Allyson Romedy's been missing since February 28. If you have any information, call CrimeStoppers at 232-2020.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,