Tim's Take: Traffic tattling websites

By Tim Guidera bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There are some drivers out there who can make you crazy and make you want to report them.

Wish there was someone you could tell about the jerk who cut you off on the highway or the maniac who flew past you at twice the speed limit? why not tell everyone?

That's what platewire.com and other traffic tattling websites are there for, so drivers who feel they have been wronged on the road can write nasty comments, identifying bad drivers by license plate number and telling the world what creeps they are.

"I would complain about all the idiots who drive way too damn fast around these back roads around here," said Ben Fisk of Garden City.

It's called cybershaming, outing those drivers whose actions you find offensive, dangerous or just plain obnoxious.

And it substitutes road rage with road rants.

I guess this is a healthy alternative to shouting at the windshield which is how I usually spend about half my time behind the wheel. Just keep in mind that if you do this, you're doing it for yourself and not the greater good.

Because no matter how cleverly you write your public reprimand, the police won't be writing any tickets off of what they see online.

"I'd probably have a lot of fun doing it. it's probably save a lot of road rage being able to vent somewhere," said John Schoonover of Richmond Hill.

It can be entertaining if you don't mind the level of hostility and implied profanity in many posts.

But is it in anyway effective?

After all, would somebody inconsiderate enough to infuriate you with their driving really care what you say about it? You'll never even know if they read it.

And if there is no real consequence, it's not realy a deterrent, which makes you wonder if platewire posters are helping or just shouting into the middle of cyberspace.

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