Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 115 Deployment

Saying goodbye.
Saying goodbye.

As we continue the war on terrorism, many of our own are heading for the Middle East. More than 200 marines and sailors from Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 115 gave their last hugs and kisses yesterday before leaving on a six-month scheduled deployment.

The Silver Eagles will be going to the Mediteranean Sea and the Persian Gulf, where they will serve aboard the USS Harry Truman. During their deployment, the Silver Eagles will be enforcing Iraq's no-fly zone. But, if needed, they could be sent to Kuwait.

"Any time we go on deployment, we prepare for contingencies," said Brett Saunders of MFAS 115. "There's a heightened sense of awareness now that we could fight, but beyond that, we're going to approach it as a scheduled deployment, and if the time comes that we actually have to deploy, we will do so."

The Silver Eagles will be flying 12 of their jets to the USS Truman later this week.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,