Staycations: Tybee Island

By Tim Guidera - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Twenty minutes usually doesn't take you very far away.

Not far enough to reach a one-of-a-kind beach resort just 15 miles from downtown Savannah. And to a Tybee Island state of mind that is even more unique.

"It's really the Tybee vibe,'' said Greg Steoffler, president of the Tybee Island Tourism Council. "Once you pass over that Bull River Bridge and that long causeway coming out to Tybee, you feel relaxed.''

And you feel it everywhere in a destination that many believe is less a place on the map than a place in the heart of those who enjoy it.

"It's just so laid back ,'' said Tyler Palmer, who works at Tradewinds Ice Cream on Tybeee."It's real casual and relaxed. Everybody's living on Tybee time.''

And this is a good time for that.

This year, when you might not want to spend a lot but still want to get away to somewhere different, there are few better options than this off-beat island that doesn't feel like anywhere else.

"Oh, I think it's an excellent alternative,'' said Kim Davis, of Statesboro. "It's close to home, you don't have to pay for travel expenses. You just jump in the car.''

There is plenty to do when you get there, miles of beachfront, forts, museums, a lighthouse and numerous offshore activities.

Then, of course, there's also the Tybee tradition of just doing nothing.

"That's a good thing,'' said Terri Simmons, of Metter. "It's good to be able to come to the beach and not have to worry about looking great.''

"It's just a place you can go and have fun,'' added James Dana McGowan, of Wilmington Island. "Especially if you love the beach and the water.''

And especially at a time like this, when budgets dictate travel and being able to choose how much or how little to spend can make a trip.

"Downtown's a little like that in a way,'' said McGowan. "But this has got sand and the saltwater. And that beats everything.''

Making Tybee tough to beat no matter how far you go from home.

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