Top Teacher: Angie Miller

By Sonny Dixon bio | email

EVANS COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Pinewood Christian Academy attracts students from 13 counties, in Bellville, near claxton. What's the draw? Among many, a 20-plus-year veteran English and Literature teacher who was a student at Pinewood on its very first day.

"521 everybody, get your review sheets out, we're on the second page," said Miller to her the class.

Make no mistake Angie Miller's at home, born in Claxton, but just down the road Pinewood may seem most like home.

"Pinewood is like a family, many of the students I've had over the years are students whose parents were in school with me," said Mrs. Miller.

"Her father was the founding headmaster at Pinewood, so she's been with us in some capacity since the school started," said headmaster Jon Dorminey. "She brings the traditions that the school was founded on, but she's also open to the new ways of teaching and new methods that are coming out and she's open to anything that she thinks will better teach her kids, she's up for it," explained Dorminey.

"I'm a die-hard. I'm very traditional. I do try to hold them to standard English and explain the difference between casual and formal writing and speech," said Miller. "I think it's easier to know the proper way and relax rather than vice versa."

Her students test well, but what really pleases Mrs. Miller is an open mind.

"A willingness to be expressive, to take the time to think, to put thoughts on paper. I have students who may not always make a perfect score on a test, but when I see that they love literature, when I see that they love to express themselves, when they show creativity and thought, that impresses me," Mrs. Miller explained.

That's why Angie Miller is a WTOC Top Teacher.

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