Helping graduating students find a job

Armstrong Atlantic State University's campus is the student and alumni career center
Armstrong Atlantic State University's campus is the student and alumni career center

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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Could the economic situation around the state finally be stabilizing? Georgia's labor commissioner Michael Thurmond says perhaps as he announced no change in April's unemployment numbers from February.

That's encouraging news to those students about to enter the job market and they won't be alone. Help is available for those who want it.

In the middle of Armstrong Atlantic State University's campus is the student and alumni career center.

It's a place that seeing lots of activity these days, a place where students can look and hopefully find a job. But that's not all they're doing there. Barbara Myers is the director of the Career Center.

"We help them with resumes and cover letters and practice interviewing skills," said Myers. "We talk to them about professional adequate and how to dress and how to present themselves in this tough economy."

Career counselors are helping students like Javelle Johnson who is set to graduate in December, but wants to get a head start.

"We are going over all my qualifications and experience so I can put it on paper," said Johnson.

Today, Johnson is getting help rebuilding her resume.

"It's a great resource to use right now the job market is so cut throat and it's great to get a jump start head start on what you want. And get yourself out there so people notice early so when the time comes for you to graduate your not just blind sided," said Johnson.

And if you don't know what kinds of jobs to apply for, they have a list at the center. And if students can't make it to the center, they can go online and everything is right at their finger tips.

"Career centers are number one tool for the students and alumni to find employment," said Myers.

Myers says while they are busy, some students are holding off on the job search.

"Were seeing a lot of students that are continuing with their education and going to graduate school retooling and relearning things which is not a bad idea anytime," said Myers.

No matter what, Myers' most important piece of advice is don't give up.

"Do not take it personally. It's the economy and it will rebound it will just take time," said Myers.

Time students like Johnson are willing to put in at the Career Center.

"It's gut wrenching because your not sure what is going to happen but I would like to be prepared the best I can be," said Johnson. "You're here, this is a service, utilize it and it's at your disposal."

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