Two big reunions at Mighty 8th Air Force Museum

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - It's a very special night for many veterans over at the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum.

Two reunions for World War II Veterans and for one group it will be the last time they will gather together as a group.

Today is about more than just sharing old stories it's reuniting with friends fellow soldiers remembering the fallen heroes, of both the 491st and 492nd Bomber Groups.

For Retired Colonel John Calvin Shabaz this will be the last time his group, the 491st will get together for an official reunion. Not because they don't want to but rather because many may not be able to attend in the future.

"We want to part on a happy note everyone is feeling good and we function well, and if we don't plan it and put it to bed while it's prospering, then it will fall apart at a later date," said Shabaz.

Even though this is the last time the World War II Veterans will meet together as a group that doesn't mean history should be forgotten.

"We get requests to talk in high schools and college and we want to get the message that it was a big event and it saved the world and the 8th air force has critical part in putting Nazi's to bed and we think the world needs to get out and the younger generations need to be told what happened," said Shabaz.

For members of the 492nd Bomber Group it's also a special day, it's not only their reunion, but a dedication to the Mighty Eighth Museum.

"A couple of years ago I learned the chapel had no music we started the search with the help of some people," said Haar.

With the help of the United States Air Force Academy, Ernie Haar found the perfect organ to donate to the museum.

"The style of the organ fits perfectly with the decor of the chapel and everyone is delightful and happy," said Haar.

And the Veterans from both World War Two Bomber Groups say they too are happy, happy to be together and hopeful the world never forgets they and so many other veterans did for this country.

Members of the 491st also donated all their accumulated World War II memorabilia to the Mighty Eighth Museum.

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