Rainy weather across Coastal Empire and Low Country

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC)--Rainy weather across the Coastal Empire and Low Country is canceling big weekend plans and major events scheduled for this weekend .  We spent the day out in the rain and found some people are braving the wet weather after all.

No matter where we went, the rain was pouring down first we went to Forsyth Park where the Annual 200 Hundred Club One Mile Race was postponed till August 15th, and instead of setting up volunteers were tearing down the course. Fleet Feet Robert Espinoza says it was a tough call.

"We got here early and started setting up and the rain started coming in and we talked to police department and made a call based on safety issues," said Espinoza.

"As much as we would like to and as fun as running in the rain is people's safety is more important than putting on an event," said Espinoza.

Runners like Isaiah Douglas say they understand why organizers called the race.

"We can not do anything about mother nature," said Douglas.

But some runners still took a chance, and ran the mile anyway.

Just on the other side of the park we found a farmer's market, and despite the rainy weather it was going pretty strong. Kristin Russell says this is their third week and rain isn't going to stop them.

"We have advertised as a rain or shine market there's no way we are gonna get through 28 weeks without rain and we decided to go through today and it's important to develop consistency so if shoppers come out they know we are gonna be here," said Russell.

A little rain isn't stopping people down here on River Street either, you can see they have their umbrellas and gear and they are ready to go.

Like Patsy Cairns and Joan Jemison they tell me they've come to far and paid to much, and just because it's raining they aren't gonna miss out on their vacation.

"Were here, and if your in a happy place it's fine," said Cairns.

"We had a great day yesterday and we are doing some more site seeing and we are not gonna melt," said Cairns.

But if the rain did stop you wouldn't hear them complaining.

"It would be ok if it stopped," said Jemison.

Artists like Winthrope Heirs wishes it would stop, but the good news is people are still shopping.

"Yesterday did just as good as I did last year even with the bad weather, there are lots of tourists in town," said Heirs.

"We get a break every once in a while," said Heirs.

Those short breaks are nice yes, but they aren't counting on it stopping anytime soon.

And they aren't letting the weather stop them from enjoying their Memorial Day weekend.

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