Supporters of Troy Davis gather for a celebration of faith

Martina Correia, Troy Davis' sister
Martina Correia, Troy Davis' sister

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Supporters of Troy Anthony Davis got together Saturday, for a celebration of faith.

Churches, Mosques, Synagogues and civil rights groups from across Savannah and as far away as North Carolina gathered.

They're showing support for Davis, who continues to sit on death row, awaiting execution.

Saturday's event was a prayer and celebration for supporters, hoping to raise awareness about the death penalty and Davis' case.

"People are not here to debate the death penalty," Troy Anthony Davis' sister Martina Correia said. "We're here to show that this is a community of people who support fairness over finality and these people are a very diverse group."

This was the first of many planned events to raise support for Troy Anthony Davis' case.

Davis' lawyers have filed an appeal to the United States Supreme Court asking for hearing in Federal Court.

This could re-open his case.

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