Police Officer Shot

Star Corporal Martin White
Star Corporal Martin White

A Savannah police officer is in intensive care after being shot. Police say 54-year-old Star Corporal Martin White was shot at about 3:15am this morning as he sat in his patrol car in the Eckerd's parking lot at Habersham and 61st Streets. White called for help and the ambulance and other officers arrived about the same time to find the officer with two gunshot wounds, one in the chest and one in the neck. He was rushed to Memorial Health where he was first treated in the trauma area then taken into surgery.

Police immediately set up a perimeter, two blocks in all directions from the scene. K-9 units and forensics teams are looking for evidence that could lead them to the shooter.

The 22-year police veteran remains in critical condition and is fighting for his life this afternoon. Doctors say he has been moved to the intensive care unit.

"We want to ask anyone who saw anything, either a passerby or anything, sometime the smallest of information can help these cases," said police spokesman Bucky Burnsed. "Anyone, please. You could be eligible for reward."

Chief Dan Flynn noted, "Every officer, whether they were on duty or not, has been helping."

Star Corporal White has eight children, and we understand his entire family, including his wife, are at the hospital with him now as he recovers from this morning's shooting.

Police are asking that anyone with information regarding this crime contact them at 232-4141 or CrimeStoppers at 234-2020.

Reported by: Steven Shoob, sshoob@wtoc.com and Elizabeth Garcia, egarcia@wtoc.com