Tim's Take: Facebook silliness

By Tim Guidera - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - One of the newest, most popular exits on the information highway could easily be labeled too much.

Because there's a little too much information not just available but forced upon the unsuspecting, on Facebook.

"It's a total waste of time,'' said SCAD student Phil Musen. "A total waste of time.''

Actually, the concept of Facebook is brilliant.

It's a portal that allows you to interact with a large number of people at the same time, streamlining communication and pulling in the corners of the world a little closer together.

"I use it to keep in touch with people,'' said Erin McCoy, of Statesboro. "I like finding out where they are, how many babies they have and their jobs, where they're living now .''

"I can talk to a lot of friends that are mostly in the service,'' added Amber Emerson, of Garden City. "We don't have any other way to contact them.''

And if that's all it was, Facebook would be invaluable.

But, what it ends up being is a 24-hour stream of random thoughts that trend more insipid than important.

"You know, someone saying how irritated you are at your job today or something like that,'' says McCoy. "It can be pretty silly at times.''

Like the times, which unfortunately are not rare on Facebook, that somebody out there thinks you need or care to know that they're washing their cat, or what they had for dinner or when it's time for bed.

And, no matter how many Facebook friends you acquire, you seem to always hear from the same few most often.

"The people who are updating their status every minute,'' said Alyse Ramer, of Atlanta, "I'm like, where do they get the time.''

Then again, where would they get their forum - if not for Facebook.

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