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Report from Kuwait--Part Five

A prayer rug next to a machine gun. A prayer rug next to a machine gun.
The showers are in the middle of the dusty desert. The showers are in the middle of the dusty desert.
Church in a tent. Church in a tent.

The first and last thing you need to know about life in a military camp is that it's not like home, nothing like home. But the Army is doing the best it can to make things at least somewhat livable for members of the Third Infantry Division in Kuwait.

It's not fun to live in a tent in the desert for six months or more, but the soldiers are making the best of it. These tents are home to thousands of our neighbors in the Kuwaiti desert, not far from Iraq. They're not home, but the troops are trying to make them as much like home as possible.

From prayer rugs side by side with machine guns, there's a little bit of everything. If the Army didn't issue it, the soldiers try to make it. PFC Bruce Nikolas made little boxes and TV stands. But there's one thing they can't make. Privacy.

"The biggest thing that's starting to get to everyone now, is our own personal space, time away from each other would be the best thing," said Cpl. Franklin Myers.

They do have hot showers, in portable buildings. But like everything else, it takes some getting used to. Spec. Heather Landinger told us about showering, then walking home in the wind and getting dirty again after five minutes. Another thing Landinger's finding difficult to get used to? "Carrying a gun to church."

There are church services, for most every faith, for soldiers' spiritual needs. And a PX for more earthly requirements. Snacks and phone cards are the top sellers.

Reported by: Mike Manhatton,

Mike will be filing reports from the Middle East all this week on THE News.


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