Fatal Fire in Savannah

Tragedy strikes a west Savannah family as a fire rips through their home. The family of ten lost three of their family members in the blaze, and others had to be rushed to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

Neighbors called the fire department just after 12:30am this morning saying a house at 1025 West 38th Street was on fire and people were screaming for help. As firefighters arrived on the scene, flames were roaring through the upstairs part of the two-story home.

One neighbor, David Oji Lukata, is a carpenter. He used two of his ladders to reach the people and helped get them out of their burning home.

"The fire was upstairs, so I ran to the side of the house and got one of my ladders and put it on the side of the house, and went to my truck and got the other ladder and put up on the roof of the next house, and we began pulling them out," Lukata said. "One was a baby about a week or two old."

Lukata was able to help five people get out, then firefighters, police officers, and EMS workers began giving people CPR. The two older women died at the scene, and a four-year-old boy died at the hospital, but firefighters say that number would have been higher had Lukata and other neighbors not been so quick act.

No names have been released yet, and the fire department is still investigating the cause.

Reported by: Steven Shoob, sshoob@wtoc.com