MacPhail's mother: "I want justice"

Mark MacPhail's mother Anneliese MacPhail.
Mark MacPhail's mother Anneliese MacPhail.
Savannah police officer Mark MacPhail
Savannah police officer Mark MacPhail

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC/WTVM) - As supporters of convicted killer Troy Anthony Davis are asking to reopen the case, the mother of the man Davis was convicted of murdering says she wants justice.

Davis has been on death row for 18 years for the murder of Savannah police officer Mark MacPhail. Since Davis' conviction in 1991, there have been numerous appeals and several stays of execution.

After being issued a stay of execution in October 2008, Davis' lawyers filed an appeal with the 11th Circuit Court in December 2008, claiming that executing him for MacPhail's murder would violate his constitutional rights.

After reviewing the case for more than four months, the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals denied Davis' appeal in April.

Then in May, another appeal, this time to the US Supreme Court. Davis' lawyers filed an appeal with the US Supreme Court asking for a hearing in Federal Court. See Davis attorneys filing appeal in US Supreme Court.

"It makes me sick to my stomach because unfortunately, the things they say are not true. It's been through all of the courts not once, but two and three times to the Supreme Court in Washington and they have turned it down before," says Mark MacPhail's mother Anneliese MacPhail.

In April, WTOC spoke with MacPhail's son, Mark MacPhail Jr. about the case.

"The past two years, we've had countless appeals and it just keeps on getting drug out," he said. "It's always something new because there's always a new appeal, something about the trial or something that was done during the trial. And, you know, always trying to figure out who's telling the truth here."

Thursday, Davis supporters gathered at Bolton Street Baptist Church in Savannah, preaching their message loud and clear.

"If there is not a new trial and Davis is executed and it turns out there is an error, that can not be reversed. Life can not be given back," said Rev. Nelson Rivers at Thursday's rally.

Now, Davis' supporters are asking Chatham County district attorney Larry Chisolm to reopen the case and examine new evidence (see Davis supporters want DA to reopen case). Since his conviction in 1991, seven out of nine witnesses have recanted or contradicted their testimony.

"With no physical evidence, seven of the nine recanting, it is a failure of justice and a serious miscarriage of truth to continue this push to execution," says sister Jackie Griffith of Catholic Social Services.

Randy Robertson is the vice president of the Georgia Fraternal Order of Police. He says Davis is guilty and there is no new evidence to exonerate him.

"There's ballistic evidence and eyewitness evidence and everything else that shows Troy Davis is the murderer of Mark Allen MacPhail," says Robertson.

"I just want it to be over with. I want justice. I want peace of mind finally. There is no closure and never will be because my son is gone and I have to live with that," adds Anneliese.

The Supreme Court could decide later this month whether or not they will hear the case.

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