One week to Big Switch

By Melanie Ruberti - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - June 12th is the day we'll switch from analog to digital television.

"Basically what this means is if you have an old analog television, one of those heavy ones, it's not going to work without a digital converter box," explained John Adzema with Best Buy in Savannah.

If you don't have a box, or cable, your TV picture will be scrambled next Friday, June 12.

John says while it may be a hassle for some people to update all their technology now, going digital will be better for TV viewers in the long run. " The benefit is, we're going to get better looking pictures, we're going to get clearer sound," explained John.

Your TV at home will look clear and crisp, instead of grainy. If you have cable, your company will make the switch for you. If you have satellite TV, and use an antenna to get local channels, you'll still need to get a converter box to receive those channels again.

At Best Buy, some shoppers were looking at purchasing new TV's and others were making sure they have their converter boxes for the big day. John says they'll have plenty of either item on hand to help people make the switch as painless as possible. Still, he can't wait until next Friday." Yeah, stop getting that 'where's the digital converter box?' question, and instead the 'hey, tell us about these new TV's,'" he laughed.

The Big Switch to digital TV is next Friday, June 12th. That's also when WTOC will switch.

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