Metter Couple Carjacked

Imagine having your car stolen right out from under you. That's what happened to a Metter couple out shopping around 6:30pm last night. A pile of candy wrappers is all the evidence carjackers left.

Ralph and Melinda Clifton were shopping at Sam's Club on Ogeechee Road. They had just loaded their packages in their brand new Ford Expedition, when they were jumped by two men who were standing nearby, eating candy.

"My wife got in the car to drive us home and the guy jumped in there and attacked her," Ralph said.

Melinda Clifton told us, "He grabbed me around my neck, threw me on the ground, threw me under another vehicle."

Ralph ran to his wife's aid. While he fought with one of the men, the other drove off in another car. He then realized the attacker was after more than his wife's purse.

"At that time, I realized, he was trying to get our vehicle and everything: merchandise, pocketbooks, everything," he said. "He pulled the car back down in drive and started accelerating. I held the steering wheel a short few seconds and finally, I decided to let him have it, so I rolled out to the side and hit the pavement."

Ralph was scraped up and his glasses were broken, but he was not seriously hurt. Police say if somebody tries to forcibly take your car, probably the best thing you can do is hand over those keys.

"We can always try to find your car, but we can't repair the damage that will happen to your body," said Corporal Billy Ray of the Chatham County Police Department.

The men took off on Highway 17, but police are not sure which direction they went. They're looking for a 2003 red Eddie Bauer Edition Ford Expedition. If you have any information about this carjacking call Chatham County police or CrimeStoppers at 234-2020.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,