The Busiest Mail Day

Today's the day most of us try to get our cards and gifts for friends and family far away on their way. For postal workers all over, it's been a mad house. People were rushing in trying to make sure their packages and holiday cards get to their destinations on time.

The mad rush is on as people line up to mail off their packages and last-minute holiday greetings. As workers at Savannah's Fahm Street post office work full speed to take care of everyone's mailing needs, there's one thing they'd like you to keep in mind.

"The closer you get to Christmas, the more premium service you have to use," said Sandy Moore of the US Postal Service.

Services like first class and priority mail are what you're going to have to use to get your packages to where they're going on time, but if you didn't make it today, don't worry.

"Next week if you want to get it there, you're going to with express mail," said Moore. "We're going to go our very, very best to get there on Christmas for you if there's any way to do it."

And while you're hustling to get to the post office, postal workers are hustling to deliver. I

If you still need to mail out some things before Christmas the post office stresses that you need a clearly legible address on your package and make sure you put the correct ZIP code and apartment number. Otherwise there will be some major delays in getting your package to the correct location.

For ZIP codes and postal rates, call (800) 275-8777 or visit

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,