Hometown Hero: Jerry Reeves

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BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Parents know affordable daycare is hard to find these days. But one Bluffton man has gone beyond the call of duty for the last 20 years to make sure kids are well taken care of and get the educational start they need to succeed in school.

The Children's Center in Bluffton is a busy place these days, not only do they provide daycare based on family incomes, but they strive to give these children a head start.

"What we try to do is keep our children right up with everyone else so when they go off to school, off to kindergarden or off to first grade, they can compete, if they can compete, they'll stay in school," said Jerry Reeves.

But many at the center say this wouldn't be an option for working parents if it weren't for Reeves, who helped start this place 15 years ago.

"Without Jerry I don't think the Bluffton Center would be here, certainly wouldn't be as far," said the center's executive director, Jan Smith.

"He's just an incredible man," said Susan Self, who teaches at the center. "He's done so much for this center. If we need anything, he's the person we call."

As a local business owner, Reeves saw the need for this center in the community and he took it upon himself to negotiate a lease for a dollar a year, which helps make this daycare affordable.

Helping these children at the center has become a labor of love over the years and there isn't a part of the center with which he hasn't been involved. Susan Self nominated Jerry as a Hometown Hero.

"He helped get the toddlers playground equipment in the toddlers room, new grass planted on the playground, if the air conditioner breaks, he's right on to it," said Self.

"He's fixed plumbing, he's fixed toilets, he's also donated his own personal funds when we've been low on cash flow," said Smith. " He's an all around golden hearted saint of a man."

While diabetes prevents Reeves from doing all he wants to do, he certainly doesn't let it get in his way.

"It's very rewarding, everybody needs to pay back," said Reeves. "I mean we've had a good life."

He continues to do his part to make sure the children at the center have one too, making Jerry Reeves, a true, WTOC Hometown Hero.

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