Little Girl Not Allowed on Santa's Lap

For many people, it's just part of childhood: sitting on Santa's lap, telling him your Christmas wishes. But what if your child weren't allowed to do that because you wouldn't purchase a picture? That would be a big disappointment.

A little girl was at the Savannah Mall on a field trip, and all she wanted to do was sit on Santa's lap, but her mom says the photographers wouldn't let her do that without spending money. And for two-year-old Katie, this year she was finally brave enough to do it.

"She was clapping her hands and she kept saying Santa, Santa, and she was so excited," recalled mom Dee Dee Morris, whose daughter was on a field trip with her babysitter. "When it came her turn the photographer said, 'Are you going to purchase a picture? And my babysitter said, 'Well no, her parents wanted to do that with her so I'm just bringing her to visit.' And she said, 'Well she can't sit on Santa's lap unless you pay for a picture.'"

Katie was the only one not allowed to sit in his lap. When Morris found out she called the mall, who told her to call the photography company, and this was the response she was given.

"Ahe said, 'We're a business, this is what we do, we are here to make money. Unless you pay for a photograph, she is not sitting on his lap,'" Morris told us.

We called the district manager of Cherry Hill Photography, who told us there is indeed a policy when it comes to field trips and visits with Santa. The manager says kids on field trips take pictures in groups, and not individuals, because Santa would get too tired. But Morris' sitter says even that wasn't allowed.

Cherry Hill Photography continues to tell WTOC this is all a false, but Morris says since she has come forward, she has received calls from other parents who have told her the same thing happened to them.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,