Troy Davis case gets another look

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The United States Supreme Court will take another look at the case of convicted police killer Troy Anthony Davis on Thursday.

The country's highest court will have a conference to decide if they will take Davis' case or refuse it.

They could also send it to a Federal District Court in Savannah. However, we may have to wait for a decision.

Davis' sister, Martina Correia, says the Supreme Court could have a decision by Friday or Monday or it could be as late as this fall.

"Because this case has such high precedence and there has never been a case like it where people on boths sides say to stop it; I am hoping they will say they have to stop and look at this case," said Martina Correia, Troy Davis's Sister.

In the meantime, Correia and multiple local and national groups, including the NAACP are holding a petition drive to convince Chatham County district attorney Larry Chisolm.

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