Fraser Buried on Hilton Head

The man known for creating Hilton Head Island was buried Saturday. Charles Fraser died the previous weekend in a boating accident in the Caribbean. Hundreds of people in the Low Country turned out to say their final goodbyes.

"I will miss his ability to inspire and to make you feel as if you'd like to do something better and be better," said longtime friend Rev. Holland Clark.

Better is what Fraser had in mind when he turned Hilton Head Island from an unknown destination into a vacationer's paradise.

"He was a man of vision," said Mark Sanford, South Carolina's governor-elect. "He was very clear about what he believed, he was tenacious in the way he pursued that vision, and as a consequence, my life has been made better and a lot of people's lives have been made better here in South Carolina."

By the very oak tree that defines Harbour Town, Charles Fraser was laid to rest. For the people who knew him and for the visitors who have yet to visit this sanctuary, Hilton Head Island will forever symbolize one man's dream.

"Certainly we've lost a remarkable person and we've all gained from knowing him," said Rev. Clark.

Charles Fraser was married with two daughters.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,