Community Spirit--William Pierce

William Pierce
William Pierce

During the holidays, postal workers are swamped. They make sure thousands of packages make it to your loved ones on time. Among them, longtime clerk William Pierce, a very special man. These days many people seem to change jobs as often as they change hair styles, but he isn't among them. In fact, Pierce has worked at the Fahm Street Post Office in Savannah for more than the last 50 years. And throughout that time, he has not only been a model employee, but he's touched a lot of lives along the way.

"I enjoy the work and the people I work with," Pierce says.

As a clerk at the main post office, Pierce works to make sure your mail gets where you want it to go. But those who work alongside him say he's a constant source of inspiration.

"It is motivation, especially for me," says supervisor Joe Allen. "If Mr. Pierce come to work every day, then naturally it's a pleasure for me to come."

Coworker Henry Rappe describes Pierce as a "hardworking, dedicated, humble young man. He's a wonderful man, I wish we had more like him."

Through the years, Pierce has been Employee of Year and Employee of Month more times than anyone can count.

"It makes me feel appreciated and reach higher each day," he says.

"All hands on my tour look up to him," says Allen.

And for good reason. Not only do his supervisors call him a model employee, for the last six years Pierce has given all of his annual leave to other employees in need. Employees like Henry Rappe. Pierce gave him two weeks of his annual leave when he lost his leg.

'It made me feel wonderful," Rappe tells us. "I could have lost my house and everything. You just don't know how devastating it is when something tragic happens."

Pierce may not know personally, but he's played a part in helping hundreds through the years get their lives back on track.

"It makes me feel great, cause I know I've done a service," Pierce says. "That's one thing I try to do in my life is to be a service to someone whenever I can."

That's why William Pierce is part of WTOC's Community Spirit.

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