Neighbors React to Midway Murder Arrests

A memorial wreath rests in the edge of the woods where friends found Mike Norby's body November 22 behind the drive-through of the Heritage Bank's Midway branch. The murder shocked the community, and now the weekend arrests provide some answers, but people are not as relieved as you might think. They say the crime has changed the tone of their town, the brutality of it resonating through the community.

"I was in shock that it happened in our community, very small town. We all know people around here," said resident Deborah Bacon.

Investigators are saying little about the two arrests, only that the local man and woman are charged with murder and armed robbery. Deputies figure Norby was trying to make a deposit when he was killed.

"It was kind of scary, cause I'm up here all the time, and every now and then the kids will run in and deposit some money," said local Wendy Bush.

Folks in the area say the reason Midway is so popular lately is that it's a small, quiet community. But with so many people moving in, it's not so small or quiet anymore. Residents say even with arrests, the crime has dragged Midway closer to the rest of the world.

"Cause now I got to keep the doors locked and watch what goes on in my neighborhood," said Sharon Schisler.

As they wait to see what happens to the two suspects, folks here just wish they could have their town the way it used to be.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,