Homecoming Queen Disappointed

Is it a mistake or did someone intentionally leave a Bryan County homecoming queen without a ride during the Christmas parade? That's a question Danielle Williams of Pembroke and her family are still asking. The Pembroke Annual Christmas Parade should have been a high moment for the queen, but it wasn't.

The young, bright smile on Danielle Williams' face hides it all. She learned a life lesson, that communities are made up of caring people.

"I was shocked, I didn't expect any of this," she said.

"It made her day, it may make her life," added father Dave Williams. "She'll never forget this day and well never forget the support of the people."

This Bryan County senior is now feeling loved after strangers, neighbors, and friends dropped by this afternoon, offering support to a young lady, whose middle name just happens to be Love. But the posters, letters and affection are not because Danielle was crowned her high school's homecoming queen, but because of what happened after she took the title.

Every queen or miss had a convertible to ride in during Pembroke's Annual Christmas Parade--all but Danielle, leaving many people to wonder why she was excluded. Fortunately, a friend came to her rescue, offering the use of a truck for Danielle to ride in during the parade. She rode in the parade, but was extremely disappointed.

But now a church, a community, and strangers are showing her their support, giving this homecoming a queen a new reason to hold her head up high.

Parade officials told the family it was up to the school to order a car, but because schools are closed for winter break, we were unable to get hold of any school officials.

Reported by: Ryan Young, ryoung@wtoc.com