Suspect Killed Update

Surviving suspect Thaddeus Antoine Miller.
Surviving suspect Thaddeus Antoine Miller.

A teenage boy is shot dead and his accomplice is behind bars after an armed robbery at the TA Travel Center in Richmond Hill. Since a person was shot and killed by a uniformed police officer, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has taken over the case. And for a job that requires you to put your life on the line, the GBI says that this Richmond Hill police officer did what was necessary to save his own life and those of his fellow officers.

As customers go about their business this travel center and convenience store, it's hard to believe that several hours earlier, 17-year-old Jayme Lamont Grate from Midway walked inside and robbed a clerk. He then ran a half mile down the road to a getaway car.

"At that time, all the other officers responded to that location, and at that point that's when they were confronted with the suspects," Chief Billy Edwards of the Richmond Hill PD told us.

That's when the situation got worse. Armed with an assault rifle, Grate turned to face a Richmond Hill police officer.

"The police officer on many occasions asked the individual to drop the weapon, he didn't, and at some point the shot was fired," said Reynolds.

Grate's accomplice was 19-year-old Thaddeus Antoine Miller, also from Midway. Investigators say he was waiting inside the getaway car. Now he's waiting in the Bryan County jail, to be charged with armed robbery.

"This is a result of individuals committing crimes, and this is what occurs," said Reynolds.

The officer, whose name has not been released, is being placed on administrative leave with pay until the investigation is complete.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,