Story Behind the Story: The 10-foot gator

A reporter's blog about the story behind the story:

The video was great and action packed. A 10-foot alligator, clogging up Highway 17 in Jasper County while motorists try to drive by and officers try to wrangle it.

What's interesting about this story is Green Pond is the Department of Natural Resources branch which responds to alligator nuisance complaints. However, they had no information or knowledge of the incident when we called in the morning to follow-up.

The chief over in Green Pond told me he was under the assumption the gator was put down and killed after it was caught, but later found out the DNR officers responding made a judgement call and kept the gator alive, releasing him back into the wild.

The complaint went through a 1-800 number, straight to Columbia, South Carolina which sent officers to respond.

While many of us in the newsroom thought there were rules for alligators being captured and guidelines on if they are kept alive or not, we were informed later in the day that the general, unwritten policy, is not to relocate.

To read my full story, see 10-foot gator ties up traffic on Hwy 17.

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