Story Behind the Story: I don't want to be a teen pop star

A reporter's blog about the story behind the story:

Being a 32-year-old male, it's hard to get into the head of a 16-year-old teenage girl or in this case, one of the most famous teenagers in the world.

Covering the arrest of a suspect accused of stalking Miley Cyrus, it is amazing how this young girl is able to live, what seems to be, as normal a childhood as possible.

I haven't met her, but you can read about her on any celebrity gossip website and magazine. From who she is dating to what she is or isn't wearing. The fact she even goes into public at all is mind-boggling.

I don't know about you, but as much as her family and handlers try to keep discussing this information to a minimum with Cyrus, according to Tybee Island police chief Jimmy Price, she must read something about it, right?

Scary stuff.

It is reassuring to know how dedicated and on the ball the Tybee Police Department and the men who guard her on a daily basis, really are.

However, still hard to imagine living through.

To read my full story, see Suspect seen near Miley set, arrested again.

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