Story Behind the Story: I met a former teen pop star

A reporter's blog about the story behind the story:

As most may know, I have been covering the Miley Cyrus accused stalker. Friday, I interviewed Tiffany, who was at 16-years-old, a pop star and had a stalker.

I knew I was going to be interviewing her about headlining the Savannah Gay Pride Saturday at Forsyth Park. She goes on around 9pm.

I also knew I was going to report on the Miley Cyrus accused stalker.

Then the light bulb went off as I was brushing my teeth: ask Tiffany about what it was like for her growing up in the spotlight.

I met Tiffany at 4pm downtown. She was a little late, had to freshen up and get her make up right. But, once she sat down, she was great. She was insightful and excited about being in Savannah and very well spoken.

Check out video of the full interview to the right.

If you get a chance, stop by Forsyth Park this weekend and check her out in concert.

I'll be there.

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