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Every day in the news business brings something new and different. You learn something new, sometimes you cover something new.

Sometimes you cover the same story every single day for a week. I'm not complaining. News is a strange new world.

Today is a perfect example of how our days are subject to change.

Photojournalist Bob Wells and I started our day heading to Tybee Island to cover the last days of the filming of the Miley Cyrus Movie, The Last Song.

Before we left the parking lot, we were diverted to an accident with injuries involving two police officers. You can read the story here: Police cruiser crashes with Comcast truck.

Then, we went out to Tybee, expecting to cover the Miley movie and do a small story on the IGA Tybee Market wanting to expand its parking lot.

However, because the movie scene being filmed was a funeral scene, out of sensitivity to other news of the day, we switched stories.

Instead, we did a larger story on the IGA controversy which you can read here: IGA Tybee Market parking lot expansion faces opposition.

Just another day in the world of TV news.

Until next time...

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