Editorial Salute - 08/13/09

A courageous Marine returns home.  Richmond Hill resident, Captain Matt Freeman was killed last week in Afghanistan, the result of a major Taliban ambush and fire-fight.

Captain Freeman was flown home to Savannah Wednesday afternoon, taken in to Richman Hill in a multi-vehicle procession, escorted by police and the stalwart protectors of dignity for our fallen, the Patriot Riders.  Along the entire route, thousands of citizens, veterans and other caring civilians alike, with nation's flag in hand, stood by the roadside in silent, humble tribute, as Captain Freeman, his family, and close friends passed-by.

We've since learned that, in addition to the loss of Matt Freeman, another area military member was seriously wounded in that same enemy encounter.

Specialist Christopher "Kit" Lowe from Savannah, a proud member of the Georgia Army National Guard's 48th Brigade, is expected to recover, following surgery and return home for rehabilitation at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

This entire region is saddened by the sudden loss of Captain Matt Freeman. We extend sincere condolences to his family and close friends, along with heartfelt thanks for his courageous service in the defense of freedom.

And our best wishes to Savannah Army Specialist Kit Lowe for a rapid and full recovery.  Matt and Kit, both tremendously brave American heroes.