Reward Increased in Missing Woman Case

Allison Romedy
Allison Romedy

The family of a missing Rincon woman is hoping someone will step forward with clues about her disappearance. Allison Romedy vanished without a trace from her home 11 months ago, and now the family has raised $5,000 to add to CrimeStoppers' $2,500 reward. They're hoping it will encourage someone to come forward with information about Romedy's disappearance.

The missing woman tucked her ten-year-old daughter into bed on February 28. It was the last time her family saw her.

"We're still struggling with it, still trying to deal with it from day to day," Romedy's sister Jennifer Johnston said.

Not a day goes by that Romedy's family doesn't think of her, or search for her.

"I am like a demon possessed. I think a lot of people get tired of me talking about it, but that's all I think about and all I talk about most of the time," Becky Becton, Romedy's mother, said.

Since her disappearance, her family has been searching, handing out flyers, and even holding raffles to raise more cash for a bigger reward.

"We just feel like maybe if there's a reward, somebody that has not been willing to come forward, it might motivate them to come forward and share what they know," noted Johnston.

The family has had a tough year. Romedy's car was found near her home in Rincon, but without a trace of her. In June, her son Michael was killed in a car wreck. Since then, the family has all but given up hope of finding her alive.

"There's always that chance, but I don't feel it in my heart," said her mother.

Now, the family just wants closure. CrimeStoppers says often when more money is added to a reward, more people call in with leads. They're hoping that is the case with Allison Romedy. If you have any information about her disappearance, call them at 234- 2020.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,