Blix Grades

Hans Blix addresses the UN.
Hans Blix addresses the UN.

The first report card on the United Nations weapons inspection program is in, and Baghdad is getting average grades. Chief inspector Hans Blix and the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency both went before the council this morning. Blix told the group Iraq is complying by giving immediate access to weapons sites, but he adds the Iraqi government still hasn't shown what he called "a genuine acceptance" of the demand to disarm.

"When we will have urged our Iraq counterparts to present more evidence, we have all too often met the response that there are no more documents," said Blix. "All existing relevant documents have been presented we are told. All documents relating to the biological weapons program were destroyed together with the weapons."

In his report, Blix also says there were too many gaps in Iraq's weapons declaration last month. The country has still failed to resolve major outstanding questions in general about its arms programs, and the Iraqi government has failed to account for supplies of anthrax it said it made and later destroyed.

In the meantime, weapons inspections continue in Iraq and the US military continues to build up its troops in neighboring Kuwait.

Reported by: Tarcia Bush,