Police Continue to Investigate Fatal Wreck Involving Alderman

Police use a laser-based forensic mapping device.
Police use a laser-based forensic mapping device.

Ola Brown died in an accident on Mills B. Lane Boulevard last week. Savannah alderman David Jones Savannah was driving the other car. Police traffic investigators were back on the scene today, measuring the road and trying to recreate what happened the night of that wreck. It's a vital part of any investigation involving serious injuries or death.

"Basically what we're doing is forensic mapping, we'll map out the entire scene," said Sgt. Anthony Gallo.

Each measurement is carefully calculated. Pink marks in the road show the final resting points of each of the cars involved in the accident, and they take this information and download it into a computer to reconstruct the scene.

"The Chevrolet was traveling eastbound in the westbound lane, causing a head-on collision with the Dodge pickup truck," said Gallo.

Police say the Ola Brown was driving her car in the wrong lane upon impact, but this road work should help them piece together the rest of what happened.

"Right now, we're going to reconstruct it and try to figure speeds, try to get an idea of what happened that night," Gallo said. "We're waiting on blood results."

The blood test results will let them know if either of the drivers were intoxicated and how that could have affected reaction time. Alderman David Jones did tell WTOC that he had a few drinks that night, but nothing that impaired his driving. Blood tests should be back by mid-March. Savannah police say that'll help them wrap up this investigation which will then be turned over to the District Attorney's office.

Reported by: Holly Bristow, hbristow@wtoc.com