Low Country Guardsmen Activated

Around a hundred National Guard soldiers from Troop B 202 Calvary in Beaufort have been called for active duty. Senior Firefighter Branko Resanowitch with the Burton Fire District is one of those soldiers. He joined the Guard almost two years ago as a way to continue serving his country after serving in the Marine Corps for eight years. Although he's ready to serve full time again, leaving will be an adjustment,

"With the fire department, we're a close-knit family, and it's like leaving my wife," Resanowitch said.

Officer Christian Gonzales with the Beaufort Police Department is also a former Marine, who signed up for the Guard a year ago as a way to continue serving his country.

"I'm honored to serve my country," Gonzales told us. "I was in the Marine Corps before and I still want to serve my country. And this is an opportunity to give back."

So when the orders came down, he turned his badge in for combat boots.

"It's hard, because I enjoy it a lot and I had to turn all my stuff in and leave here and get in the military mind," he said.

At this point, they can't tell us where they'll be going or how long they'll be gone, but Captain Derek Mixon from the unit says they'll be serving within the United States as part of the national homeland security. This is an old unit, dating back to 1776, and the last time they were called to active duty was in World War II, and that was just a small portion of their unit.

We have gotten word that these National Guard soldiers will deploy Saturday , but Guard officials won't confirmed that.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey, jdailey@wtoc.com