Jenkins Convicted

A Chatham County jury has found a Savannah man guilty of killing an innoncent bystander. The incident happened last year, on Savannah's west side, and last night, 20-year-old Jamari Jenkins was found guilty of murder in the March 10 shooting death of Jesse Johnson.

During testimony at the trial, investigators told jurors Jenkins was arguing with another man when Johnson tried to get the group to move from the front of his grandmother's house at 38th and Burroughs. At least seven shots were fired, and 23-year-old Johnson was hit and died at the scene. Two other people were also shot. One of them--pregnant at the time of the shooting--testified she saw Jenkins pull the trigger. The man Jenkins was arguing with was not injured in the gunfire.

The jury returned the guilty verdict about 8pm last night, and Jenkins was sentenced to life plus 20 years.

Reported by: Steven Shoob,