Final Norby Murder Suspect Arrested

Police caught Edwin Ferrell Howard in Cleveland, Ohio, yesterday. Liberty County police say in November, he and five others gunned down 38-year-old Mike Norby as he was making a depost at a Midway automatic teller machine. Poice say they ambushed Norby with an AK-47 as he sat in his truck. The gunmen then removed Norby's body from the truck and dragged him some 75 yards into the woods. Norby's family is relieved all six suspects are now behind bars.

"We believe in the US judicial system," Norby's cousin William Morris told us. "We know without a doubt that, expecially as hard as the police department have worked on this case, that the right thing will happen. Once it is resolved and they've tried and convicted them, we pray the sate of Georgia will implement the death penalty. "

The first five suspects arrested will go before a Liberty County judge on Monday. The judge will decide if they'll go before a grand jury.

Reported by: Holly Bristow,