Hometown Hero: Ricky Brown

By Tim Guidera - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Of all the people Talayna Holmes met on her first day of kindergarten, the most important was stranger who became her savior.

"She walked down here, came around and came back hollering and crying,'' said Brown, who saw Talayna wandering down his street Tuesday afternoon. "So I rolled my wheelchair up to her and said what's wrong?''

Five-year-old Talayna was lost.

She had been put off her school bus at the wrong stop, several blocks away, and on the other side of Highway 21 from where she lives.

But her tears and her mother's fear, were soothed by Ricky Brown and his father, who found the little girl, comforted her and got her home.

"I was surprised to see her walking around, shocked to be honest,'' said Brown. "That's when I said, 'come here, you'll be all right, don't cry'. And that's when I called the police, dialed 911.''

Garden City Police returned Talayna to her mother, Nakia Smith, whose gratitude eventually eased her anger at the situation she says ruined her daughter's first day of school.

"I thank God that they were decent gentlemen that found her,'' said Smith. "Because anybody could have found her.''

And there can be a lesson for parents found in one of the reasons why Brown and his father was able to help Talayna so quickly.

"She had a card on her with her address on it, with her name, what school she went to everything,'' said Smith. "That's how the guys called the Garden City Police.''

By doing so, Brown and his father helped one little girl and made an entire community proud, making them WTOC Hometown Heroes.

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