Cornerstones of Black History--Carter G. Woodson

Carter G. Woodson
Carter G. Woodson

Every February, we celebrate Black History Month, but have you ever wondered how it all started? Celebrating black history goes all the way back to 1926, when one man one man lead the fight.

Carter G. Woodson is considered the father of black history. In 1915, Woodson founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History to encourage scholars to engage in intensive study of the past as it related to Africans, their descendants and their contributions to the world. Before this, the field had been largely neglected or distorted in the hands of historians who accepted the traditionally biased picture of blacks.

This celebration started as Negro History Week on February 1, 1926. Fifty years later it expanded, and since 1976, we've celebrated Black History Month. In case you were wondering why Woodson chose the month of February, it's because even though the 13th Amendment to the Constitution abolishing slavery was signed in January, slaves did not start to hear of the news until February.

Reported by: Dawn Baker,