Whitney just days away from Darts World Cup

By DaShawn Brown - email

RICHMOND HILL (WTOC) - Staci Whitney never imagined the day when she would compete in the Darts World Cup.

"I wasn't any good," she says.  "I just threw just to throw."

It's a good thing her mom, Lanette Whitney, noticed her potential.

"She got top sixteen and top eight in both doubles and singles events, so we were thinking, maybe there's something there," she said.

No maybe.  Staci Whitney has hit the mark.

"It is unusual that somebody so early in the sport would pick it up so fast,"  says coach Michael Burdette.

In fact, the 16 year old Whitney started with the sport as a practice partner for her mom.  Just four months after her first competition, Staci  is headed to the World Cup.

"I'm just kind of going with the flow, "Staci said.

The Richmond Hill teen earned the World Cup spot after winning top youth female at nationals.

"It's been pretty crazy!"

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